Rosh Lowe
Rosh Lowe
More than public speaking it’s your life.


Thank you for bringing out the 5 year-old in me and reminding me the greatest gift is to share my story.
— Antia Agravante

-Myles Wolf

I can’t thank Rosh enough for helping me during the job interviewing process. Finding a job is incredibly competitive, but Rosh equipped me with the necessary tools to be successful. He taught me how to tell my story, engage the interviewer, and communicate effectively. His experience, encouragement, and wise advice gave me the confidence to get the job. In the end, I received two job offers from very prestigious companies, all thanks to Rosh’s help. Rosh’s teaching didn’t just help me find a job- it’s helped me communicate better with everyone around me.

Thank you for this gift, to finally be free.
— Vianka

Practicing public speaking with Rosh was an amazing experience. It gave me confidence, while helping me structure my thoughts the right way and at the same time overcome the fear of speaking to a large audience. 

I highly reccomend Rosh's technique to anyone who seeks to become confident and compelling speaker. 



Working with Rosh was a great experience. He was able to organize my thoughts in a way that made my speech come alive. I used to think I had to memorize words. Rosh gave me the ability to speak without notes and to feel an incredible freedom. There are speaking coaches who give theory, and then there is Rosh who will give you a practical approach based on experience. The experience really does make a difference.