Rosh Lowe
Rosh Lowe
More than public speaking it’s your life.



If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives.
— Rob Brown



Rosh Lowe has created a public speaking formula that creates self confidence through communication. The technique is fast and effective. It is essential for anyone looking to express themselves. Rosh has worked with corporations who have used his team building component to motivate employees and to maximize sales.



Rosh Lowe doesn’t teach theory. He has been performing in front of audiences his entire life.  He starred in three broadway shows before the age of eleven. He is a top television news reporter in Miami. Rosh takes the secrets he learned from Broadway and television news and  gives his clients a practical formula that turns them into stars. This is essential for anyone looking to find their voice.

Rosh’s formula is culled from his experience.   That’s the difference. Experience the other side of fear. Find your voice.



Stop wasting time. If you want to succeed in business and your personal life you need to learn how to communicate. The ability to express yourself is fundamental to life. It is as critical as oxygen. Public speaking is not about grand stages.  It's the everyday moments when expression is needed. What is life if you are trapped in silence? When was the last time you connected with a family member? When was the last time you sat down and had an effective conversation with your children? Sometimes the most important audience is that one person.

Team building


The future of team building is here. 
Do you have employees who are disconnected? Is morale at an all time low?

Rosh Lowe has developed a program that will unite your company. Rosh’s formula is based on vulnerability and performance. Emotional honesty creates a deep rooted bond between the speaker and the audience.

In a corporate environment the enhanced connective chords will lead to unbreakable relationships.  

When participants tell their story, they are forced to be open, honest and accessible.  The end result is a cohesive work environment with each employee equipped with a life long skill in public speaking. 

Rosh works with participants in a group setting as well as individually.

They are tasked with creating a speech based on a life obstacle. They perform this speech in front of their colleagues at a company wide event. 

Rosh has achieved great success with these performances at major corporations with participants finding their voice.  Once employees discover their uniqueness they are able to feel more confident and motivated to fulfill their mission at the company.

Greg Levine
Vice-President of JPAy

If you, your company or anyone you know needs a public speaking coach this guy is the best in the business.  He came to our company and helped 8 people that would rather die than speak in public conquer their fears and excel.


Mark Hoffman
ceo of Brainfeed

Rosh is an amazing man on a mission to help people. His Lowe Speak technique, classes, and events are helping people become better storytellers and confident speakers.  He helped me and I am so very grateful. 

I have found that developing these skills with Rosh was transformative. Your speaking abilities will greatly improve as well as bring positive growth and benefit to all aspects of your daily communication, storytelling, and leadership.  I highly recommend the experience.


If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential.
— Warren Buffet

Speaking Event at JEG & Sons

These employees take the stage and tell their story to the company and a set of judges.
each person is transformed forever.

Speaking Through Obstacles with Bravery

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Productivity begins with self confidence. Self confidence is born in public speaking.
— Rosh lowe's book coming in 2018